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Music Music you you Applause hello my name is Tom and in this presentation I will present my breakthrough research on solving computational problems using PowerPoint I will explore to what extent powerpoints and replace conventional programming languages as well as the benefits and limitations of using PowerPoint for such purposes but first a quick disclaimer this presentation is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo Co operation like did right now fashion cynical opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of any such corporation should when it is all they train PowerPoint professionals to the temperature reproduce resulting with research and the Aqualung be held responsible for any material physical or emotional damages caused by such time so with that out of the way we can proceed to the background so as you may notice our point has hyperlinks and animations which we use to add interactivity to your presentation so we have links here and we also have animations which are particularly interesting because you can trigger them in different orders so you can use these make interesting things like applications games you know typical things that you make in a slideshow editor you pause until recently is the unproven as to whether you can do all things using PowerPoint where you can solve every computational problem with a dedicated PowerPoint file and this is largely because in order to prove such a claim you would need to create a Turing machine that runs in PowerPoint or you'd have to be able to show that every Turing machine can be run within PowerPoint so without further ado the challenge of recognizing Turing machine so here we have a Turing machine that decides to language challenges of even length so you can see that like a normal Turing machine we can move the tapes of implemented completeness animation there are no macros or anything else so I can write the tape of course we'll give it a simple input like this and of course they can also execute the Turing machine so here we have the Turing machine current state and in order to continue execution and fortune doesn't happen automatically needs a little bit of encouragement the user has to click on each orange region now you might be concerned say that I'm making decisions what about Christina like the way that this calculator is set up every other area is blocked so I can click randomly essentially and the PowerPoint will just advance computation so that was the input 1 1 so this you end up being accepted and we can see that does Enki and on an accepting base and I can rerun that with another input and if we reject accordingly depending on what it is so this is nice but what we really like to be able to do is run any Turing machine in PowerPoint fortunately this is easy because the PowerPoint Turing machine is programmed entirely.

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